Dear pupils, their parents, teacher and students!

In 2002 the Educational Center "Experiment" celebrates its 15 anniversary.

We offer you a unique opportunity to stay in the International summer camp together with the pupils and teachers of the Center.

The program of the camp "Experiment 15 years" is based on elaborations of the Center. It consists of two parts:

  • Educational and cognitive program video-training, open lessons, game procedures, trainings etc.
  • Cultural and entertainment program entertaining programs are excursions, sports and cultural activities (creative and sports Olympiad, competitions etc.).

The different variants of habitation, meal are offered. The programs are elaborated for various groups of the participants separately:

  • For teams from schools (6 pupils and 1 teacher in a team),
  • For the separate pupils (different age) with the parents (united in groups with pupils of different age),
  • Program of the "included" improvement of professional skill for the teachers and parents,
  • Program for the students.

The elaboration of the individual programs of participation is possible.

Duration of the programs from 10 about 14 days. Cost from 20 $ per day. Cost includes meal, habitation and program.

Our contact telephone: (+ 371) 7 315 033, (+ 371) 7 275 773,
Fax: (+ 371) 7 597 387,
E-mail: ,

The applications are accepted till May 27, 2002.

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