The educational center "Experiment" was based in 1987, as the experimental place of new education, which are based on development of ideas of developmental education by system of D.B. El`konin – V.V. Davydov.

Now Centre consists of several interdependent educational frames, which are visited more than 400 pupils and more than 50 teachers (including 10 doctors of sciences and masters) work there.

The educational programs of centre are realized, as complementary to basic process of teaching and development on all its stages (preschool, school and professional).

The most relevant elaboration of Centre:

  • Educational program
  • The software on a computer
  • Developmental games for children from 3 till 18 years
  • The new contents of educational subjects
  • Technologies of education operating active-organization and organization-learning games
  • Games, directional on formation of thinking, comprehension, communications and reflexion.

The new courses - fundamentals of organization of thinking and activity, methodology of thinking, methodology of the right, psycho-techniques etc. are elaborated.

In center it is realized the preparation and retraining of the teachers for activity in a system of developmental education. The special attention thus is given to designing of educational activity, methods and forms of organization of group activity.

The employees of Centre participate in the international projects, concerned with psychological-pedagogical maintenance of the new approaches in education.

From 1998 the Centre conducts international cross-country - cultural research financed by Fund Soros «Shaping the individuals styles of intellectual activity in co-operative classroom: a cross-cultural study of Russian and Latvian students».

The archive of video-materials of many years is collected. Among them: records and analysis of lessons, lessons of outstanding experts of DE, extracurricular activity, courses of improvement of qualification.

The computer programs, directional on development of logical, productive, creative thinking; promoting in formation of components of learning activity, skill to study take root into educational process.

On the basis of Centre the Computer Centre is open. It ensures to the teachers and the students access of activity and dialogue with all world through the global network Internet.

In 1998 there was the International competition "The INTELLECTUAL - 98" for intelligently developed youth in the age of from 6 till 20 years. The detailed information you can find to the address:

The pupils from the 1st –12th grades are the winners of region and republican Olympiads by Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Russian literature, Russian, Computer Science, Latvian language, English language etc.

EC "Experiment" is the member of International Association "Developmental education" (IADE) and the active participant of the programs that are carried out under its aegis. So on the 1st International Meeting of schools of developmental education the command of "Experiment" was awarded like "The Most Professional Command ".

On annual International Intelligently - Creative Olympic Games of schools of developmental education spent since 1996, the commands of Educational Centre "EXPERIMENT" have won more than 50 medals (including 24 golden) by Maths, Natural Sciences, Russian, Literature, Fine Arts and group activity.

For years of activity Educational Centre «Experiment» has issued more than 100 books and methodical manuals by psychology, pedagogic and developmental games for the teachers of schools and high schools, psychologists, tutors of kindergarten, students, schoolboys, parents etc. The cabinet of the training-methodical literature is monthly filled up with new elaboration in a sphere of education (in a broad range of the book, technique, and games).

| Pre-school studio of development "Experiment" | Group of a kindergarten "Experiment" |
Classes with complementary education PC "Experiment" |

Pre-school studio of development "Experiment"

  • For children from 2 till 6 years old,
  • Business hours - 3 times per week: Tuesday, Thursday from 17:00, Saturday from 10:00, (3 - 4 studies for 30 minutes).

1. Game on development of dialogue, thinking, and creativity.
2. Development of creative abilities
3. Developmental games on a computer
4. Development of speech
5. Fine Arts
6. Development of sensory
7. Psycho-correctional programs
8. Chess
9. Logic
10. Music
11. Rhythmic
12. Designing
13. Tthe English language

Group of a kindergarten "Experiment"

  • For children from 4 till 6 years,
  • Each day of padding 4 busy hours

1. Game on development of dialogue, thinking, creativity
2. Familiarization with physical phenomena
3. Development of creative abilities
4. Fine arts
5. Introduction to the letter
6. Computer Science
7. Designing
8. English language (for 6 years old)
9. Chess
10. Music
11. Logic
12. Physical culture
13. Preparation for school

Classes with complementary education PC "Experiment"

  • 1 - 12 classes,
  • Competitive selection.

Complementary subjects:

1. Developmental games
2. The base organization of thinking and activity
3. Methodology of the right
4. Psycho-techniques and techniques of games
5. Culturlogy
6. Aesthetics
7. Computer Science (3 levels)

1. Dances
2. Sharpness
3. Chess
4. Club of the lawyers
5. Internet - club
6. Mathematical
7. Programming
8. Fine Arts
9. Biological
10. Debate Club

Specialization in the 10th –12th grades:
- Naturally scientific
- Psycho-techniques
- Justice
- Business

The detailed preparation:
- Maths
- Physics
- Languages
- Biology
- Computer Science


Riga, Bruninieku iela 10
Phone number: (371)7275773,(371)7315033
Post address: Riga, LV-1012, post box 396
Scientific Chief: Bronislav Zeltserman

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