Α.ΐ.ΗελόφεπμΰνSince 1987 the creator and scientific chief of Educational Center "Experiment", since 1994 the chairman of Board of the Latvian Association "Developmental education", member of presidium of International Association "Developmental education".

Was born on March 10, 1947. In 1971 has graduated the Riga Polytechnical Institute (RPI) by specialty the engineer-mechanics, later scientific-research and teaching activity at the economic faculty, study in a post graduate course by specialty - economics, organization and management of a national economy. Preparation of a thesis by problem of prediction of requirement of the preparation of the experts (MSU, 1984). Since 1984 the employee of a methodical cabinet of the Ministry of Higher Education of Latvia, chief of group of the new forms and methods of teaching, chief of department in Institute of Development of Education, scientific secretary of Republican commission "Education and training of specialists" Comprehensive Programs of the Latvian republic. In 1994 has received qualification of the methodologist of developmental teaching in D. El`konin – V. Davydov`s system. He is the author, editor and compiler of more than 60 activities about problems of education, methodical manuals in accordance with the new forms and methods of education. In 1986-1989 years has passed methodological and play-technical preparation. He is the participant and organizer more than 30 organizationally active games (with G. Schedrovitsky in 1986-89 years – 4 games, with A. Tjukov, J. Gromyko, P.Schedrovitsky, B. Hasan); the developer of teaching and organizationally teaching games.

B. Zeltserman is the participant of international cross-cultural research financed by Fund Soros "Shaping the individuals styles of intellectual activity in co-operative classroom: a cross-cultural study of Russian and Latvian students".

The chief and participant of researches of fund Soros:

"Schools with the Russian language of tutoring in a context of reform of education: problems and ways of their solution"; "Pedagogical conditions of fusion of students in the Latvian society"; "Bilingual education in a course of natural sciences at the first stage of basic school".

Orb of concerns and consultations: problems of development of an educational system and training of personnel for a system by D. El`konin – V. Davydov; creation of a continuous system of developmental, methodological oriented education; the playing forms in tutoring; development of thinking and creativity; formation of the personality of pupils.

Principal works:

  • "The Time of Experiment" – Riga, EC "Experiment", 2002, 388 p.
    This book is devoted to 15-th anniversary of experiment on creation of integrity developmental education.

  • "Workshop of discoveries" – Riga, EC"Experiment", 1995, 18 p.

    Educational Center "Experiment". The conceptual, organizationally methodical and psychological-pedagogical basis.

"Systemmental activeness pedagogic and business education" (thesis's) (in the co-authorship), 19 p.

"Features of organization of educational process in Educational Center "Experiment" (theses) (in the co-authorship), seconds 57-59.

"Philosophy of the work of a psychological service" (in the co-authorship), 76-77 p.

"The Educational schedules of studio of development children preschool age and experimental classes" (in the co-authorship), 110-116 p.

"Organizational Projects of organizational-teaching games and procedures" (in the co-authorship), 124-128 p.

  • "Technique of prediction of requirement in the engineering staff" (in the co-authorship) — Riga, 1978, 35-64p.

There are given the methodical guideline for formation of an information massif, multivariate prediction, using of method of expert estimations and application of computer for the solution of practical problems on definition requirement in the engineering staff. The teaching-methodical manual provides a capability of analysis of process of prediction in range firm - economic locale.

  • "Expert estimations and computer in prediction of requirement in engineering staff" (in the co-authorship) — Riga, 1979, 45-51 p.

The manual covers problems of using of expert estimations and computer for prediction of general and supplementary requirement in engineering staff, and also requirement on a specialty.

  • "Learn! Create! Develop! - 1" – Riga, EC"Experiment", 1-st and 2-nd issuing, 1997, 124 p.

  • "Learn! Create! Develop! - 2" – Riga, EC"Experiment", 1997, 144 p.

  • "Learn! Create! Develop! - 3" – Riga, EC"Experiment", 1998, 120 p.

(Games for development of thinking, speech, dialogue, creativity)

There is generalization of works about application of developmental games in learning-educational process. The complete set of games for development of thinking, speech, dialogue and creativity is offered. The games are adduced with the methodical recommendation of classes and with the results of approbation, stenograms of realization with pre-school children, at forms of primary school, basic and high school, at courses of improvement of qualification; and comments. The attention is given to problems of designing of games. The general scheme of designing of the game is presented. The special attention is paid to the solution of practical problems, the methods of work of the organizers.

The work is for all comers to use the game forms for a development of the personality. Apart it will be useful for parents and teachers.

Three booklets are prepared on the Latvian language (using these materials):

  • " Macies! Radi! Attisties! - 1" (in the co-authorship) — Riga, EC"Experiment", 1997, 84 p.

  • " Macies! Radi! Attisties! - 2" (in the co-authorship) — Riga, EC"Experiment", 1997, 123 p.

  • " Macies! Radi! Attisties! - 3" (in the co-authorship) — Riga, EC"Experiment", 1998, 113 p.

Authors were given a purse of the Winners of competition, which one has organized Pedagogu Izglitibas Atbalsta Centrs (Center of support of education of teachers): "Pedagogs — Macibu gramatas autors" ("The Teacher — the Writer of the educational book" — Riga, 1998).

In English booklet "Learn! Create! Develop!"

  • "Developmental games for development of children thinking" (in the co-authorship) — Riga, EC "Experiment", 1997, 7 p.

Editorial activity:

  • "Professional orientation and professional psychological selection in engineering high school" (methodical guidelines) — Riga, 1987, 90 p.

In this methodical recommendations the experience of many years is generalized by career-guidance of youth in choice of engineering profession.

On the basis of experience of activity of the author the methodical recommendations for professional selection in engineering high schools are set up, the review of some techniques by professional selection is shown.

  • "The computer psycho-diagnosis in professional orientation and consultations". ΐ. Vorobjev — Riga, 1989, 108 p.

In the given material some aspects of using of computers in career-guidance activity are considered.

The greatest attention is given to problems of preparation and realization psycho-diagnosis research in process prof-consultation. The psychological principles of realization psycho-diagnosis investigation, methods and means of a psycho-diagnosis are considered.

  • "Problems of development of an education system and training of personnel in the Union republics" — Riga, 1986, 153 p.

In this collection stories the materials from scientific - methodical seminar - conference "Regional problems of elaboration of the part "Training of personnel and education" of the Comprehensive Program of science - technical process in the Union republics for 1991-2010 years" are shown.

  • "Psychological and psycho-physiological guarantee of students` study" (methodical recommendations) — Riga, 1988, 100 p.

In this methodical recommendations the complex of problem by elaboration of form of psychological guarantee during the training for engineering staff. There are examples of questionnaires for definition of psycho-physiological particulars of students. These methodical recommendations are elaborated using the experience of activity of group of psychologists and physiologists.

  • "Technologies of game tutoring" J. Haidarov — Riga, 1990, 68 p.

There are considered the methodical recommendations of basic problems of activation of teaching process by organization and realization of educational games during the study of fundamental, humanitarian and special disciplines in high schools, schools and technical schools.

The universal technique of organization and realization of educational games is developed, the concrete examples with the in-depth comments are considered.

Teaching - research games:

  • "Lessons of democracy" J. Haidarov — Riga, 1993, 13 p. ("Demokratijas stundas" Z.Haidarovs)

  • "Opposition" J. Haidarov — Riga, 1993, 10 p. ("Opozicija" Z. Haidarovs)

  • "Find connection" J. Haidarov — Riga, 1993, 10 p. ("Atrodi sakaribu" Z. Haidarovs)

  • Methodical working: "Development of practical thinking of children" J. Haidarov (manual for the course by children practiclogy) — Riga, 1991, 21 p.

  • "Group work in the developmental education" S. Tantsorov — Riga, 1997, 39 p.

The articles in magazines:

  • "Pedagogiskais centrs "Eksperiments ": caur radoso darbibu uz personibu" — Zurnals "Skolotajs", Ή 1, 1997, p. 48-50. (the Latvian language). Educational Center "Experiment" — Through creative activities to the personality (in the co-authorship) - magazine "Skolotajs", Ή 1, 1997, p. 48-50.

  • " Macies! Radi! Attisties! " (Psihologiski pedagogiska darbnica) — Zurnals "Skolotajs", Ή 1, 7, 8, 1999. - "Learn! Create! Develop!" – magazine "Skolotajs".

  • " … I am not a psychologist, I am an expert in thinking" - Bulletin Ή 5, Riga, EC "Experiment", 1998.

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